About us

Welcome to NH Barrelworks, a small family business based out of Orange County, California.


Our story begins in 2015 when our Founder, Manny, who used to live on a small farm in San Diego, California. "We collected spent grain from local breweries to help feed the animals. One of the Brewmasters we partnered with, asked if I wanted a wine barrel from France and some wine-tops as well. He responded, "I have no clue what to do with them, but we'll take it home. Thanks!"


At this time, NHBarrelworks didn't exist, it was merely a new hobby that captured our attention. We deconstructed the cask and wine-tops to  learn the structure and history behind this aged process of "barrel-making." 


The first oak-barrel cabinet was designed and constructed for Manny's mother (pictured), as a birthday gift, who had no idea she would be receiving this special item. Manny was elated and relieved to know his mother was pleased with her custom present. He shared photos with family, friends, co-workers, and began receiving requests.


Over the next few years, he constructed more oak-barrel cabinets along with the highly requested Lazy-Susans. At this point, Manny decided to embark on his new business venture and NHBarrelworks was born. NHBarrelworks takes immense pride building each product along with sharing the history of the piece. Manny and his team are thrilled to open their doors and welcome you to the NHBarrelworks family.